I want to hear your story ~ It is my mission to help you learn the skills that will help you navigate your life in your own unique way. No one can fix life’s problems ~ but what if you can navigate life easier, more authentically, and with less pain?

Together, we can engineer a wonderful, easy and affordable program that will inspire you to feel alive and reconnected again. Let's start by healing your Body, Mind, & Soul.

Mind ~ Body ~ Soul

A little bit about me...

Hi~ My name is Susie Buck, your Inner Light Engineer. I am a Spiritual Teacher and Healer.  My passion is to use my unique passion of perspective and the many healing modalities that I am formally trained in to help you rediscover that amazing brilliant lost part of who you really are.
I love being a mom, wife, volunteer, homemaker, gardener, fisherman, pet chicken caretaker, business women, and a crazy~hot mess who prefers to be barefoot (but I have dogs and chickens.)  All of these facets of my life have its rewards and challenges.  My own story ~ probably similar to yours~ is that there is so much more to me. I have put my passions and dreams on a back burner...then in a big black trash bag...then put all that in a deep dark closet in the back of my Body/Mind.

My 5 Step Approach To Tapping Into The Healing Within...

YOU are your greatest healer! I have seen this happen with countless people before you landed on this page, and I am excited to witness your healing journey! Here is a quick look at my 5 Step approach... 

Step 1: Orientation, Blueprint and Interview
Step 2:  The Commitment
Step 3 The Work Begins 
Step 4: Assessment
Step 5:  Moving Forward 

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