My Healing Services

As your Inner Light Engineer I am here to support you completely in mind, body and soul. That is why I offer a wide array of healing services including BodyTalk, Intuitive Coaching, Reiki, Numerology along with teaching and training. 

Please take a moment to review all services listed below ... 

Primary Services (Tools) Available:

BodyTalk® the WholeHealthCare™ System

​BodyTalk is a healing modality the addresses the mind, body and soul. It is recognized in over 58 countries in the world (the USA is catching up) as a part of healthcare. Specifically, BodyTalk is a modality of health care that stimulates the body to heal itself. 

It encompasses levels of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual imbalances and stress that prevent the body to naturally healing itself.

  • Over sensitivity to environment​
  • Allergies
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Reproductive and menstrual issues
  • Performance (such as sports, meetings, events, etc.) 
  • Anxiety
  • Group Dynamics (family, team, etc.) 
  • Arthritis
  • Emotional Disorder
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Fatigue

Sessions can be done in person or at a distance via phone or Skype.  We will determine what is best and most convent for you when we confirm your appointment time. 

Your Highest Potential Personalized Coaching

This personalized package is one-on-one coaching is a unique format that will explore your potential beyond the limits of everyday life. 

Once we discover the foundation of your uniqueness, we will begin to implement those secrets into everyday life. With a little practice, you will learn to expand those talents and gifts to the world. This is a all encompassing program. 

It requires five 1 hour sessions (in person, skype, and/or phone ), and includes a full numerology blueprint along with self improvement exercises that you will LOVE!

Supplemental Services (Tools) Available:

Reiki – I am a Master Reiki Practitioner and Teacher.  Through the art of relaxation, the body can heal itself.  If nothing else, treat yourself to some “timeout.”  Face it, you’re no good to anyone else when you are stressed, grumpy, and out of energy.  Allow me to “stand guard” and support you.  You’ll get your senses together and be avaialble for your day-to-day purpose (nad yes- that is everything!)

(Sessions can be done in person or distance, we can determine this information when you schedule your appointment)

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Packages discounts available upon request

Space Clearing ~ Space clearing is a globally traditional practice of blessing, clearing, and recharging a specific area in order to improve its function for those who occupy that space.  Our western culture is rediscovering the benefits of clearing away energetic frequencies in order to recharge their home or office with the energy that supports you with abundance, productivity, health, emotional support, and so much more. Each project is customized specific to your desired goal.  The project included a sight tour, orientation and project plan, preparation for space clearing, interactive space clearing, and training to help maintain your space.

Prices are based on size and time for each project. 

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Numerology ~ Based on mathematical calculations of numeric values of your name and birthday, we can create a metaphoric blueprint that will reveal your story.  What challenges are you trying to Master, what are you natural gifts and talents, how can you use these to fulfill your life purpose, and so much more. Each Chart is handcrafted. Once completed, we will review your chart. You will receive a copy of the Number Blueprint to use as a guide throughout your life.

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