Your Inner Light Engineer

Susie Buck with Inner Light Engineering

So many people ask me,
"What is an Inner Light Engineer?"

I am a facilitator, or an engineer that combines science and intuition to assist people like you to discover your authentic blueprint. In other words, who you really are, your true inner light.

With that knowledge and awareness you and I work together, and encourage your body, mind and soul to align to promote self healing.

Are you ready to Rekindle your Inner Light?​

 Engineering the Life you desire ~ A Scientific Approach 

Step 1: Orientation, Blueprint and Interview
In the very beginning we are going to spend a few moments of orientation, getting to know each other, in which we analyze what you have to work with, or what I like to call your true inner strengths.  This includes:

~ Who are you?
~ What talents and gifts where you born with?
~ What your goals are?

I then create your blueprint. I use the ancient technique of Numerology that converts the letters of your name and your birthdate to create a chart that helps you to understand what you were naturally born with.

We then take a few moments going even deeper in the interview where we take a closer look at every aspect of your life

~ Celebrating what is working well
~ Taking a loving look at what needs guidance or support
~ Courageously addressing what needs to be built

Step 2:  The Commitment
This step is a life changing moment for you, where you decide if you are truly ready to

~ Make the changes in your life you desire
~ Be dedicated to doing the work

If you aren’t ready that is Okay!  You will be ready in the time is perfect for you!  If you are ready…. Great!  I am here and committed to guiding you through the journey!

Together we will create a picture and a timeline of realistic and achievable goals.  I have years of experience with various techniques and resources to get you inspired to do each small task to begin the construction of the life you desire.

Step 3 Construction begins ~ The Ground Breaking Ceremony!
You have engineered a great plan! I have been there, I have supported you, I have cheered you on! But the work is all you babe!  Now it’s time to turn the ideas into real life tangible operations.

Step 4: Field Data Analysis
As I stated before, I love the science of healing!  And every legitimate scientific approach takes the time for a little field data analysis.

This is when we take the time to evaluate your progress, make adjustments, and make sure the plan is working.  It’s also a great time to recheck your desires. Do you still want what you asked for, does it simply need to be tweaked, or should you add more?

Step 5: Check the results
It is time to take a look at your progress and celebrate all you have completed.  It is also important to take a close look and determine

~ Have you completely finished the foundation of your new you?
~ Have you manifested your dreams?
~ What have you learned.  What’s next?

Something really amazing to keep in mind… your dreams may not be exactly what you envisioned in the beginning.  It is possible they will look different from the original picture.  This is the amazing part…  that is a sign that something even better has manifested for you!

Are you ready to understand more? 

Every great coach and healing practitioner has tools they use to guide their clients lovingly through the healing process.  Click here to learn more about the tools I use!